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Ramana Maharshi, also known as Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, was a renowned Indian sage and spiritual teacher who lived during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was born on December 30, 1879, in the town of Tiruchuli, located in the Madurai district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Ramana Maharshi’s birth name was Venkataraman Iyer, and he was born into a Brahmin family. As a young boy, he showed a deep interest in spirituality and spent much of his time in meditation and prayer. At the age of 16, he experienced a profound spiritual awakening, during which he realized his true nature as the pure consciousness that underlies all of existence.

After this experience, Ramana Maharshi left home and traveled to the holy mountain of Arunachala, where he spent the rest of his life in spiritual practice and teaching. He became known as a great sage and spiritual guide, and his teachings attracted students and devotees from all over India and beyond.

Ramana Maharshi passed away on April 14, 1950, at the age of 70. His death was marked by an outpouring of grief from his followers, who regarded him as a living embodiment of divine grace and wisdom. Today, Ramana Maharshi is remembered as one of the most revered and influential spiritual teachers of the modern era, and his teachings continue to inspire and guide seekers of truth around the world.

Silence is ever-speaking; it is the perennial flow of ‘language.’ It is interrupted by speaking; for words obstruct this mute language. In silence one is in intimate contact with the surroundings.

Your duty is to be and not to be this or that. ‘I am that I am’ sums up the whole truth. The method is summed up in the words ‘Be still’. What does stillness mean? It means destroy yourself. Because any form or shape is the cause for trouble. Give up the notion that ‘I am so and so’. All that is required to realize the Self is to be still. What can be easier than that?

Desirelessness is the highest bliss.

The world is illusory; Brahman alone is real. Brahman is the world.

The mind is everything. It is in the mind alone that one feels bound or liberated.

What is true knowledge? It is that by which one knows the truth of the Self.

The ego is the source of all thoughts. If the ego is removed, thoughts will cease to arise and the Self will shine forth.

Surrender means giving oneself up to the original cause of one’s being.

Ramana Maharshi Quotes
Ramana Maharshi Quotes (2)

The world is neither real nor unreal; it is a manifestation of the Self.

The individual is but a bubble on the ocean of universal consciousness.

The true Self is always realized, but it is covered by the ego and its attachments.

The mind is like a mirror, it reflects only what is presented to it. When the mind is free from thoughts, it reflects the Self.

The Self is beyond all attributes and is the witness of all states of consciousness.

The goal of spiritual practice is the realization of the Self, which is the same as the realization of God.

The Self is not something that can be attained, but is always present as the innermost essence of one’s being.

The body is like a pot, the mind like water, and the Self like the space within the pot. When the pot is broken, the space within it merges with the infinite space.

Ramana Maharshi Quotes
Ramana Maharshi Quotes

The purpose of spiritual practice is to realize one’s true nature and abide in the Self.

The real Self is always present and can be realized by the practice of self-enquiry.

The Self is not separate from the world; it is the essence of the world.

The mind is the cause of bondage and liberation. If the mind is turned inward, it leads to liberation; if it is turned outward, it leads to bondage.

The only way to be free is to know the truth of oneself.

The ego is like a cloud that covers the sun of the Self. When the cloud is removed, the Self shines forth.

The path to realization is not a path of acquisition, but a path of elimination.

The world is an illusion created by the mind. When the mind is stilled, the world disappears.

Ramana Maharshi Quotes
Ramana Maharshi Quotes

The true Self is always present, but is covered by the illusion of the ego and its attachments.

The only real knowledge is the knowledge of the Self.

The mind is the source of all suffering. If the mind is purified, suffering ceases.

The Self is beyond all concepts and is the ultimate reality.

The Self is the only reality, all else is an illusion.