Swami Gyanvatsal Quotes

Swami Gyanvatsal Quotes


Swami Gyanvatsal is a spiritual leader, philanthropist, and social reformer in India. He was born on June 24, 1961, in a small village called Gundlavadi in Gujarat, India. His birth name was Vinod Shah. He was a bright student and completed his engineering degree from Sardar Patel University in Anand, Gujarat.

After completing his education, Swami Gyanvatsal worked as an engineer in a multinational company in Mumbai. However, he was drawn towards spirituality and decided to dedicate his life to it. He renounced his corporate career and became a disciple of Swami Chinmayananda, a prominent spiritual leader in India.

Swami Gyanvatsal established the Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur, a non-profit organization, in memory of his spiritual guru, Swami Rajchandra. The mission’s aim is to promote spiritual values and help the underprivileged sections of society. Under Swami Gyanvatsal’s leadership, the mission has undertaken various social and educational initiatives, including running schools for underprivileged children, providing medical aid to rural areas, and offering vocational training to women.

Swami Gyanvatsal’s teachings emphasize the importance of living a meaningful life and serving others. He believes that spirituality is not just about attaining inner peace but also about contributing to society’s welfare. As of 2023, Swami Gyanvatsal is alive and continues to inspire people around the world with his spiritual teachings and philanthropic work.

Life is unjust, but that is no reason to give it up.

Adjustment and Compromise is Life.

At some point you have the power to control your life and no external force can decide which job you take, where you live or what attitude you have.

Beauty is the ideal, the perfect harmony of universal beings, and truth is the perfect understanding of the universal spirit.

Belief in the possibility of continuous and rigorous investigation does not limit access to truth as a channel in the scheme of things. It does not say that the truth is universal, but merely adds a path to it.

Biggest garbage of the world is WhatsApp.

But we have everything in our power to make everything work, even if life has a different plan.

Concentrate and focus more of qualities of life on commodity.

Everyone has their share of life’s unfair moments and it can be difficult to keep your head down when life gives you a lemon.

Failing is not a crime but quitting is.

Swami Gyanvatsal Quotes
Swami Gyanvatsal Quotes

He has all sorts of reasons for this statement, but the truth is that he still believes that life is hard and that it is much more difficult.

Humanity, Morality, and spirituality called True Success.

I believe that the universe is infinite and that there are infinite possibilities for dreams.

I think it’s a universal truth that most chefs I know like to eat simple, unadorned, good things.

I think that life with rules is better because we understand them better when they occur.

It does not matter if you are rich or poor, thin or fat or in any other way of life.

It seems unfair that there is so little between my emotions and what they do to me. It is unfair that in the world of life we listen to American music every day.

It’s something we’ve known for a couple of millennia and it’s been proven to be unfair since we invented sport.

Life is hard for him, but otherwise he doesn’t know what to do with it.

Life is one big board game, and you have to survive it well from start to finish.

Swami Gyanvatsal Quotes
Swami Gyanvatsal Quotes

Life is unfair because some of us push ourselves out of our comfort zone, let bad things happen to us, prepare you for the invisible battles, and things don’t always go the way we want them to.

Life is unfair because you are more likely to get into all sorts of difficulties than to be rewarded for your good deeds, and you often devote time and resources to helping someone just to be ignored or not to get much gratitude.

Many people complain that life is unjust when things are going badly in their lives.

Nothing is bigger in a professional career than credit.

Our view of the limits of mortal life is that things become intolerable when they appear unfair or permanent.

Quotes from life is unfair show that life is not always easy and things don’t always go your way.

Sometimes it seems that life does not go our way, no matter how hard we try.

Spiritual truths are diametrically opposed to the values of our contemporary culture and to the way in which they force people to behave.

Success is the only option, go and grab it.

The curse of God is that the world is cruel, ruthless and unfair, so we should not use this as an escape factor and do our utmost to remove obstacles to life.

Swami Gyanvatsal Quotes
Swami Gyanvatsal Quotes

The Earth is round and there are no corners for your sins.

The fight against unfair working time is like the fight for a regulated working day; it is about people fighting for decent working conditions and a life in which one can have free time.

The liberal logic of “life is unfair” is that the answer turns out to be more tax money that politicians can spend to boost their chances of re-election.

The Moment you start giving reaction, and responses to negatives, you have accepted negatives in life.

The moment you start to think that life is hard for you, you start to be unfair to yourself.

The piano is able to convey subtle universal truths through the wood and metal vibrating in the air. Anyone who knows the history of science realizes that mortality is an asserted universal truth.

The universal truth is the simplicity of the acoustic guitar. There are many such facts in the world that are true and universally accepted.

They know that love is not a mere feeling, but the ultimate truth in the heart of the universe.

Things that seem small and trivial can have a lasting impact on the lives of others. Many young people I admired most for their courage to stand up and do the right thing.

This applies to all possible cases of human truth, but the most universal application is the one about which most people know very little.

Swami Gyanvatsal Quotes
Swami Gyanvatsal Quotes

Those who expose themselves to the known truth lose the battle of innocence and humility and press on the universe.

Try to see the truth of every situation for what it is, and make things universal.

Understanding is the Key to happiness or success.

Truth is objective, God exists within ourselves, truth is universal, God is truth, and the constant God is eternal.

We suffer greatly when we think that life is unjust, because we demand a lot, compare ourselves to others and do not want to accept it and move on.

What I have noticed in more than one case is that life is unfair even in the complaints department because we accept things as they are, clean up the mess and move on.

When people ask for advice, they want your advice to be consistent with what they want, no matter what you say.

Work for your own improvement and don’t worry about whether the world understands your quest for life.

You are driving your luck, your hard work and your destiny.

You can’t drink whole sea of your profession.

Your Caliber is not tested by your success.

We say that life works in the realm of duality, that we can experience sadness and despair, but also know joy and how frustrating that can seem.

You know that you are wasting your energy and your time by being stuck in the stubborn thought that “life is unfair to you” unless you accept the fact that life in an unfair universe is no way to thrive.